Why Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is now recognised as one of the most scientifically valid, safe & effective treatments available to people of all ages. Utilised not only for the treatment of physical ailments, Osteopathy also attends to the general health & well-being of an individual.

Stressors to the body can cause disease & illness which can manifest into dysfunction & commonly pain. Through preventative & maintenance osteopathic treatments the risk of musculoskeletal & other general health concerns going undetected is greatly reduced.

Because of the variety of techniques available to osteopaths, combined with the gentle & non invasive methods used, treatment is well suited to all ages.

What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit a thorough case history will be taken. This will be followed by a full explanation of the findings to reach as accurate a diagnosis as possible. The osteopath will then form a treatment plan and discuss it with you so you are informed and educated about your symptom and treatment method.

Treatment will ordinarily be given on your first appointment, however if deemed necessary the osteopath may refer you onto another practitioner. If treatment is appropriate the techniques used by the osteopath will be varied according to each individual, their body type, diagnosis and findings in the initial assessment.

Should you at any point during the treatment feel discomfort or ongoing pain, just let your osteopath know. Osteopathic treatments are hands on, however they are designed to work in a pain free range and should not cause distress. Please feel free to ask your osteopath any questions you may have, they will be more than happy to assist.