Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a massage applied to the whole body and to areas of discomfort. Remedial massage is a technique used by osteopaths to relieve pain, muscle tension and heal the cause.

The massage may involve the application of light to deep pressure to manage knots; damaged, tense, immobile, stiff muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Throughout the procedure the osteopath uses oils which are massaged into the skin. The sessions may range from 30 – 60 minutes

The benefits of remedial massage from your osteopath are:

  • promote blood circulation to tissues and supply nutrition to cells
  • remove toxins from muscles
  • realign muscle fibres
  • relax muscles
  • improve joint mobility
  • relieve pain and discomfort from stress tension
  • relieves mental stress and anxiety
  • call upon body’s natural pain killers, endorphins
  • assist in management of conditions like arthritis, cramps, whiplash, sports injuries
  • relive chronic pain from inactivity