Sports Injuries

Sport is encouraged and participated in by people across all ages. Participating in sport is good for the body as well as the mind.

Participation in any sport requires preparation, correct techniques and correct use of equipment.

People are at an increased risk of injury if these precautions are not taken. Osteopathy can provide an effective and structured treatment regime if you have sustained an injury.

The common sports injuries may result from: playing football, cricket, aerobics, running, jogging, golf; overuse of muscles, not stretching before and after exercise.

Sports injuries include:

  • shoulder injury
  • wrist and elbow injury
  • foot and ankle injury
  • calf or hamstring strains
  • back injuries
  • upper and middle buttock pain
  • patellar tendonitis
  • recurring injuries
  • knee problems

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopathy management focuses not only on relieving pain but also on restoring your body to improve your performance.

The intensity of the treatment will depend whether the management is acute or chronic. Your osteopath will be able to implement an effective injury rehabilitation plan and offer advice on how you can minimise and prevent injury in the future.

Osteopaths will assist to improve your sport performance through many techniques that focus on correcting muscle imbalances and postural strains, improve musculoskeletal movement and incorporate soft tissue treatment and an exercise program suitable for your chosen activity and lifestyle.

Many of the sport injuries are preventable, provided the correct stretching and muscle balancing exercises are maintained.